We offer you wines, Prlekija, and culinary delights!

We believe that life in this beautiful part of the Earth is a real privilege.

We people of Prlekija have everything we need. The ideal conditions for the production of quality wine and a big heart and will to work with vine. In our modesty, however, we all too often forget to emphasize our excellence. The mission of the company Pep’s Wine is precisely this: to present our quality wine to all those who do not know them yet and to attract as many visitors as possible to our beautiful region.


  • Sparkling Sauvignon 75cl

    Jeruzalem Ormož Sauvignon Sparkling Wine

    8,00 Add to cart
  • Sparkling Rosé 75cl

    Jeruzalem Ormož Rosé Sparkling Wine

    8,00 Add to cart
  • Traditional Method Seven numbers

    16,00 Add to cart
  • Sparkling Muskatna 75cl

    Jeruzalem Ormož Muscat Sparkling Wine

    9,90 Add to cart
  • Peps wine sparkling brut
    Pep's wine

    Pep’s Wine Sparkling Wine

    8,00 Add to cart
  • Sparkling Sec 75cl

    Jeruzalem Ormož Sparkling Wine Sec

    7,00 Add to cart

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We have selected 40 wines from our region that are sure to impress you.

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Winemakers of Prlekija

The mission of the company Pep’s Wine is to unite the winemakers of Prlekija. Here you can check the selection of winemakers.


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