The vision of the company Pep’s Wine is to offer Prlekija as a whole. Our wines certainly speak for themselves and showcase our region in the best possible light, but we want to present Prlekija as a tourist attraction as well. We wish to offer this fairly undiscovered gem of intact nature to the people who want something more than mass tourism, something new and wonderful. In our online shop, we want to unite the products of the winemakers of Prlekija and thus offer it to the wider world.


Family means a great deal to us. Everything stems from this cell. With the business premises in Svetinje we are continuing the life work of our parents, who support our idea and do their best to help. We have our own families now, which mean the world to us and give us strength for our new plans. Sincerity and honesty are crucial for the long-time success. Since we were raised in this spirit, we identify with these values. Trust and respect are the things that make us stronger and able to carry out even the craziest of plans.

Pep's wine

“Sincerity and honesty are crucial for the long-time success. Since we were raised in this spirit, we identify with these values.”


Two wines are currently available under the brand Pep’s Wine – an excellent dry sparkling wine Brut and an interesting blend of Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. We have decided to sell the wines of the local winemakers under our brand, which will give them the opportunity to expose and present themselves. The wines under the brand Pep’s Wine will serve primarily to promote the brand at home and abroad.


In addition to selling wines (online sale and export), we also offer the following: guided tastings of wines from Prlekija, advising the winemakers about sales, organizing documentation, and logistic activities for selling their wines in Slovenia and abroad, as well as creation and design of labels, organizing and guiding tourist trips around Prlekija, keeping records of accommodations in Prlekija, and assisting in the promotion and sale of accommodation capacities.


Pep’s Wine wants to take you on an adventure. We aim at conjuring up the whole of Prlekija in a bottle. We wish to impress you with the magnificence of our landscape and present you with numerous beauties and delicacies of our region. Apart from our wine, which speaks for itself, there is still a great deal of things you need to see and feel.

You are welcome to visit Prlekija, you will not regret it.

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Are you unfamiliar with wines or are you just not sure which choice will be the best for you? Fill out the online form in the wine shop or simply call us – we will be happy to advise you.